Leverage The Power of Your Data Using Visualisation and AI

Leap has helped businesses across various sectors, from manufacturing to healthcare, rely on data to refine processes and drive better outcomes. One crucial aspect of leveraging data effectively is through visualisation techniques, which provide actionable insights at a glance. Let’s explore a few ways of doing this: Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency with OEE Data Visualisation In […]

Why is data visualisations so important to modern business?

Data visualisation is the presentation of data in graphs and pictures. But why is it so important to modern business? It enables decision makers to see analytics presented visually, so they can understand difficult concepts or identify patterns to assist them in making operational decisions.  A huge upsurge in internet connected devices has now made […]

Ingestion of Healthcare Scan Data into Salesforce CRM Using Automation

We are privileged to partner with an eye care clinic helping them revolutionise and streamline their back office processes using technology. One of the projects we have successfully delivered enabled the ingestion of patient eye data from scanner hardware in the clinic to their CRM (Salesforce). The clinic uses Salesforce to manage all their patient […]