Using technology to analyse and fix E-commerce product data!

We are proud to partner with Serious Country Sports over the past two years. They are a country sports retailer, running eight online stores across various regions (US, EU, UK and IE) and also a physical store in Ballymena, Country Antrim. They sell 100,000s of SKUs from different suppliers and brands resulting in a minefield of product data to manage and maintain.

As the company expanded, they encountered difficulties managing the vast amount of product data which meant product sales often fell victim to erroneous or missing data due to human error or incorrect files from the suppliers. Missing product descriptions, incorrect pricing and missing categorisation meant products were not displayed or marketed correctly on the website which caused sales to suffer.

We created a series of daily reports centred around key-value metrics associated with their product data. This immediately informed our client of any products with missing or incorrect data. The reports are emailed daily and also presented on dashboards showing the trends over the past 30 days. Equipped with new insight, our client was able to remediate any product data issues immediately before it resulted in loss of revenue.

Another difficulty the company had experienced was the loss of revenue through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) spending when using paid ads to promote their products. We were able to build scripts to analyse their product data so they can maximise their SEM budget.