Ingestion of Healthcare Scan Data into Salesforce CRM Using Automation

We are privileged to partner with an eye care clinic helping them revolutionise and streamline their back office processes using technology.

One of the projects we have successfully delivered enabled the ingestion of patient eye data from scanner hardware in the clinic to their CRM (Salesforce). The clinic uses Salesforce to manage all their patient data including appointments, eye data, surgeries etc.

Our solution was accomplished by matching scans to a patient record in Salesforce using uniquely identifiable data such as their name and date of birth. Once we match the correct patient, we extract the values from the scan and add them to Salesforce attached to their patient account.

In the event that a patient record could not be matched, we handle these exceptions by giving the clinic the ability to match the scans manually to a patient by selecting their account in Salesforce. Once the patient is matched to a scan the data will be extracted and added to Salesforce. All scan data and matches are logged in Salesforce so everything can be traced in the event of a query.

Automating this process has helped to alleviate mistakes that could have been made through human error and saved the clinic hours of manual data entry per day, increasing team productivity and freeing them up to complete other important tasks.