Struggling to manage your business through spreadsheets?

If you’re struggling to manage your business through spreadsheets it may be time to look for a new solution. Spreadsheets are now 50-years-old and while they still have their place, your business could be suffering if you haven’t moved on with technology.

Here are some signs that your business has outgrown spreadsheets:

Difficult to collaborate and share information

Are you emailing several versions of your spreadsheet around, finding it difficult to track the latest version between multiple colleagues?

Your business could be at a disadvantage without a single “live” view of your data. Outdated data can be damaging to customer relations and have a negative impact on decision making.

Struggling to create reports

Spreadsheets are flat in structure making it difficult to gain meaningful insights into your business data. Generally, you need to generate reports manually which can become time consuming and very error prone. Your business could be missing out on meaningful insights which could be costly, preventing you from identifying and resolving issues early.

Lack of security around your data

If spreadsheets become your single source of truth for your business, you may be exposing your business to a huge security risk!

All your data is exposed to anyone who can get their hands on your spreadsheet, and there isn’t the ability to restrict who can see what. You are also leaving your business vulnerable as the data could be easily manipulated and/or copied to a compromising source whether intentional or not.

Dependencies on other data sources

If you are tracking something in a spreadsheet but relying on other sources (applications, databases or additional spreadsheets) for additional data then you could be wasting valuable time by constantly switching context between applications.

How could a web application help?

A well-designed web or mobile application enables you and your colleagues to contribute to a single data source avoiding duplication and inaccuracy of data. Your application can be made accessible via a login and available securely 24/7 from any device with an internet connection. Reports can be easily compiled in real time providing valuable insights to improve decision making and help resolve operational issues early.

Many small businesses don’t stay small for long and working from spreadsheets isn’t a viable solution in the long term.