Re-Platform your Ecommerce website to Shopify

The team at Leap love Shopify as one of the leading e-commerce platforms on the market. We equally love how successful our clients have become using the platform. We have seen significant growth and cost savings for our clients using the Shopify platform.

We have lots of experience in undertaking the migration and re-platform of large e-commerce websites to Shopify. We offer consultation, hands on development and ongoing technical support.

We recently completed a large re-platform for one of our customers to Shopify for both their online retail sales, trade sales and in-store point of sale (POS).

Our customer is a large sportswear manufacturer and retailer selling across the island of Ireland, in the UK and Europe. They therefore required a solution which would support multi-sites (retail/trade) and multi-currency selling in GBP and EUR. We were able to accomplish this using Shopify Plus’s multiple site support.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was fully automating their product and inventory data from their existing ERP. We were able to develop a robust integration to extract their product data (including images) and inventory data from the ERP and synchronise continuously with Shopify. The integration updated all of their Shopify sites fully automated.

Our customer had over 35,000 SKUs which we successfully migrated alongside creating Shopify collections dynamically to organise their product catalogue and Shopify site navigation.

In addition to this, we also automated their orders so they were continually synchronised from Shopify back into their ERP. This also included order tracking, so the status of the order including shipping information was fed back to Shopify for the customer.

Finally we provided our customer with a health check report which identifies any products which have missing data such as images, descriptions or weight.