GoSOW Cross Platform iOS and Android Mobile App

We have the amazing privilege of partnering with the GoSOW team who are passionate about promoting Christian ministries across Ireland through their concept of: PrayServeGive and Grow.

Using each of these methods, users can give their time and talents using the GoSOW app to support their roster of thriving Christian ministries.

GoSOW provides a platform for Christian ministries to tell their story through news articles, prayer requests, podcasts, videos and much more. The app was originally launched back in November 2021, and we continue to work with the organisation to develop and release new features.

The app is maintained on both Apple iOS and Android making it accessible to a wide range of users who can log in and create a profile using their email address, Google account or Apple sign in. Once registered, users have access to an array of features to enable them to interact with the app and the ministries.