BLK BOX uses technology to help reduce customer service calls

We are privileged to partner with the team at BLK BOX helping them streamline their operational processes using information technology to improve customer service and engagement.

BLK BOX manufactures and sells gym equipment. Their unique selling point was the ability to design and manufacture gym equipment (rigs, racks, benches) to the exact requirement of their customers. Their customers include premiership football teams, professional rugby teams, hugely successful gyms and numerous professional athletes.

During the COVID lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, they saw a huge increase in sales driven by the closure of commercial gyms. As orders piled up and their manufacturing facilities became over-stretched, a backlog of work was created in their customer service department replying to emails and answering telephone calls regarding the status of customer orders. One of the solutions we built for BLK BOX was to use technology to make order statuses more accessible to customers.

BLK BOX had two ERP systems; one managing the manufacturing of orders and the other managing sales. We built a data integration between them which enabled customer service staff to access the up-to-date manufacturing status stored in the manufacturing ERP. This prevented customer services staff from having to contact the manufacturing team for an update on each order delaying their response to their customers.

We also built an automation to make this status available to their customers by sending email notifications when a status changed at several key milestones along the manufacturing process. This informed customers of any delay to their order by email. In addition to the email notifications, we also built an online order tracker for customers to query the status of their orders in real time.

The impact of these solutions resulted in 55% reduction in customer service calls. This came as a huge cost saving by preventing staff overtime and also created an upsurge in customer satisfaction resulting in a higher probability of recurring business.

We are privileged to work alongside the hugely creative team at BLK BOX to help them implement these solutions to the benefit of their customers.