Grow your business using Salesforce data and Klaviyo email marketing platform

Leap has partnered with several customer-facing business to enable them to market online effectively using their existing customer data and Klaviyo email marketing platform.

We have delivered several projects migrating existing customer data into Klaviyo to enable our clients to reach their full marketing potential.

In this post, we will be looking at integrating Klaviyo with Salesforce CRM.

Are you utilising your data?

Salesforce is a global giant CRM (customer relationship manager) which stores data such as customer details, accounts, potential and completed deals etc.

Despite the amount of data shared by customers to businesses, most fail to use the data when engaging them. In a modern digital world, massive business potential lies within it’s data. Utilising this data to its full potential could unlock significant business growth.

Utilising a modern email marketing platform such as Klaviyo can help businesses use their existing customer data instead of being forced to pay for online advertising and other artificial growth channels.

Klaviyo enables businesses to store their customer data in a single platform enabling them to use this data when delivering experiences to customers.

Integration with Salesforce

To avoid managing data in multiple places, Leap has successfully implemented an integration between Salesforce and Klaviyo – enabling Salesforce to be the “single source of truth” and sync data into Klaviyo on a scheduled basis.

By utilising our integration we have been able to sync the following data into Klaviyo from Salesforce:

Contact profile data

Keeping profiles in Klaviyo up-to-date is critical to any success strategy. Contact profiles are synced to Klaviyo on a scheduled basis and can be customised to suit your needs.

Beyond the typical contact attributes such as nameemail etc, we can pull across custom fields which can be used for marketing experiments, such as:

  • When is the last time the customer interacted with our business?
  • How long has it been since the customer interacted with our business?
  • What type of customer is it?
  • Is there open opportunities for this customer?
  • Who manages this customer?
  • When is the customer’s date of birth / work anniversary?
  • What type of product/service does this customer procure?
  • When did the customer first interact with us?

The possibilities are only limited by the data Salesforce holds about your customers!

Customers can then be segmented within Klaviyo based on the above or any other attribute Klaviyo holds:

  • Segment customers who haven’t interacted with my business in X months/years
  • Segment customers based on those who have open opportunities

Dynamically maintain lists

Our integration can dynamically maintain lists based on customer profiles so they are ready for your marketing experiments.

For example, if a contact attribute or associated account attribute is updated in Salesforce, this is then reflected in Klaviyo.

Keeping Klaviyo in sync with Salesforce

Our scripts can run on any schedule to suit your needs. They also take advantage of caching and batch processing to ensure optimal performance.

The script will only update contact profiles which have been updated since the last run.

Leap have partnered with Vision Asset Finance using our Salesforce to Klaviyo integration to help them better engage with their existing customers.

Vision Asset Finance specialises in arranging asset finance facilities for all types of business assets to clients throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our integration synced over 20 years of customer data from Salesforce into Klaviyo, enabling Vision Asset Finance to run email marketing campaigns to re-engage with previous customers and to drive new revenue opportunities.

“We approached Leap to help us organise two decades of customer data that was sitting in Salesforce to help us generate new revenue through more effective email marketing. Leap’s Salesforce to Klaviyo integration has worked seamlessly enabling us to use Klaviyo to its full potential.Trevor Finlay (Managing Director), Vision Asset Finance