Enable your business to be “self service”

Are you struggling to manage your customer service? Enable your business to be “self service” online using a self service customer portal, automation and AI!

Simply put, self service means that customers can complete an action or task on their own without assistance from a company employee.

Supermarkets stores, retail outlets, and petrol stations now offer self-service options that reduce customer roadblocks and improve brand experience.

Customer service has quickly become the next field to be affected by this trend as businesses are now offering online customer self-service options that help people resolve product or service issues on their own using their mobile phone or laptop.

Customer self-service is quickly becoming the preferred method for customer service.

That’s because self-service options provide customers with faster solutions that they can find on their own time.

Rather than having to pick up a phone and wait on hold, customers can use an online portal to interact with your business and resolve their issues in real time.

On the opposite end, your customer service team benefits from not having to field repetitive or similar cases.

This reduces the stress on your incoming request queues and clears up more time for reps to solve complex or unique customer problems.

Customers who have bigger problems and more immediate needs can now get the attention they require because your reps don’t have to spend time carrying out simpler tasks.

Leap can help your business by developing a self service portal, automating self service processes and implementing AI to help your customers resolve their issues or queries without employee interaction!

We’ve already achieved this for multiple clients across:
– Retail
– Manufacturing 
– Healthcare
– Finance

We can help you implement a CRM solution to support this or use your existing CRM.