Building Custom Apps on the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce stands proud as The World’s #1 CRM. Literally hundreds of thousands of businesses trust Salesforce as their foundation, making them one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies of all time.

The Salesforce platform provides a great user interface for managing your customer and sales leads internally, so you and your staff can focus on your single source of truth for your customer data.

However, there are missed opportunities by only making this data available to you and your staff.

What if you wanted to expose some of this data securely to your customers without them logging into Salesforce, could this be done?

Using Salesforce as the platform, Leap has partnered with businesses to build custom web and mobile applications on top of Salesforce.

By leveraging Salesforce Leap can build customisations enabling you to structure custom fields based on the type of data you want to store.

This has saved our clients time, reduced costs and removed customer pain points.

For example, we have enabled customers of our clients to securely log in and browse their historic orders and interact with their services. This has saved time by empowering customers to self-service and avoid staff spending countless hours on phone calls or sending across documents.

Using a custom app, we can also enable your customers to key data directly into Salesforce. Whether that be an online application form, or a request to purchase a product, the data can be sent securely and efficiently reducing errors and improving overall customer experience.

In today’s climate, it has never been more important for a business to interact with their customers better online. By exposing parts of your Salesforce platform to your customers securely, you could maximise your potential growth. The sky is your limit.

Talk to us today to discuss how we can build a custom app for your business on top of Salesforce.