5 ways to improve your operational efficiency using IT software

We are often asked how can IT software help make my business operate more efficiently and ultimately save us money?

A solid IT solution should form the backbone of your business operations, helping to create and support efficient and lean processes.

Here are five ways that operational efficiency can be improved using IT software:

1. Creating a single source of truth

If you are struggling to manage your business between multiple spreadsheets or disconnected databases then you should use IT to bring that information together acting as your single source of truth. This means you can accurately reflect and share the current state of your operations across your business in real time.

2. Automation of repetitive and manual tasks

Are you (or your employees) spending time on repetitive, time consuming tasks which could be automated with the help of software? For example creating rotas or batch updating product or customer data? Software can help automate these tasks reducing errors and saving time.

3. Tracking progress and identifying issues

By tracking the progress of your product or service along a specific set of tasks or stages can help improve your process making it more efficient in the future by helping to identify when and where issues occur.

4. Improving communication

One of the major pitfalls of business operations is communication, whether that is between employees or with customers. An IT solution can ensure that all parties are informed at each stage of your process through various channels such as emails, text messages, and/or push notifications.

5. Reporting

In order to create efficiencies in your business, you need to know how it is performing by measuring your performance against a specific benchmark. Establishing appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the overall company and for each business function is the first step in this process. For example, you may want to track sales figuresor the time a product has spent on the production line (actual versus benchmark).

We have worked with both small businesses and global companies to help them successfully adopt IT software to help improve their operational efficiency.