We use technology to transform businesses with E-commerce, Data Integrations and App Development.

We are based in Northern Ireland and proud to partner with clients across the United Kingdom.

  • E-commerce

    We enable small and global businesses to sell online.
  • Data Integrations

    We enable systems and services to share data securely.
  • App Development

    We develop web and mobile applications for all devices.
  • Reports and Analytics

    We gain invaluable insights into your business using your data.

We enable small and global businesses to sell online:

We help our customers streamline their processes by utilising e-commerce platforms to sell online efficiently.
We have experience across the entire world of e-commerce such as integrating with ERP solutions, payment gateways and online marketing tools.

We integrate software platforms and services to securely share your data:

Despite the amount of data shared by customers to businesses, most businesses fail to utilise it.
In a modern digital world, your business data has potential to unlock significant growth.

We develop web and mobile applications for all browsers and devices:

  • What is a web application?

    Web applications run through web browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc) unlike traditional applications which run on a single PC or server. Web applications can be accessed from any device with a web browser... desktop, laptop, tablet or phone!

  • How could a web application help improve my business?

    Web applications provide a central source for customers/employees to interact with your business 24/7. They can be built to serve many different purposes.

  • How could a mobile application benefit my business?

    A well designed and developed mobile application puts the power of your business in the palm of your customer, enabling them to interact with your business 24/7 which helps to build brand loyalty and can provide new revenue streams. Talk to us today about the benefits for your business.

We use data to gain invaluable insights into your business:

Data gives an honest account of your business performance and can identify gaps to help you improve.
We can make sense of your existing data or start you on a journey of gathering data across many different channels.

  • E-commerce

    Monitor your sales / profits and maximise potential revenue

  • Data errors

    Discover errors or gaps in your data and remedy

  • Business operations

    Assess your operational efficiency and improve processes

  • Key perfomance targets

    Set targets for your business and report on performance

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We are based in County Antrim, Northern Ireland and proud to partner with businesses across the United Kingdom.